What the hell happened to gaming?!

The first quarter of 2017 has passed and we’ve had some gaming controversy that left our animated faces looking funny ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Reminiscing about the past of gaming is like reminiscing about the 1900’s, classic cars, and retro music. Fun at the time, but not something you would use everyday simply because better things are available. So, likewise this transition which has occurred in so many things before will not be an exception to games. They get better graphics, more multiplayer features and more complex coding.

So what is the point of the title, clearly everything seems to be going smoothly. Consider it, Pacman was a good game…we don’t play it anymore because modern survival games have more depth, more options and obviously, easy to look at. Yet despite this, more people are complaining. It seems now everyone is always frustrated at the fact that, very few games actually seem good. As though the fancy face lift is still on an ugly skull.

There is something that we need to come to terms with as gamers. Games are not meant for gamers only, they are a form of entertainment that is meant for everyone to enjoy. They are an integral part of economy as any product. These two attributes have heavily affected current games.

Companies have realized the potential for games as massive income sources. They are platforms of entertainment, which is as we all know, is probably the most consumed thing second to sugar. In attempts to cash in on this media, we have seen games offer paid DLC, cash shops, which is fair, its content that is created outside of the project scope and people need to be paid for it. However, these DLC’s add so little and come in at ridiculous prices. But DLC’s are not a necessity and neither are vanity cosmetic items.

Where is the problem then?

What actually is wrong has nothing to do with games, or the developers. Likewise jumping to the conclusion that it is the IP for using generic formulas and not having any innovation is very judgmental. What they do is produce a product that will net them the most return, be it by remakes, re-masters or running of the title because it has proven successful in the past. The problem is that we enjoy it. Perhaps the vast majority don’t want something that is truly going to test their wits and skills. Games are a form of entertainment, entertainment needs to be easy to consume and the best way to keep it like this is to apply the norm that has been occurring for the past decade or so.

Games are just the latest addition to the fast-food industry that is entertainment. “Okay” tasting food, edible without fancy utensils but unfortunately not grand in anyway and made of just salt and sugar. Those who go for gourmet will stand out but when the competition is so generic anything more is of greater standard.

~ Hamzah (Hamtaro)

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