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Which Suit Do We Take? Final Nights 2 Sins Of The Father Part 1

So it's been a while since we tried a FNAF horror game, so here we are again, playing Final Nights 2 Sins Of The Father...

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Overwatch – Hamtaro the Reinhardt we need montage

Forza Horizon 3 racing – Inserting the “D” into S1 with some added VTEC

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The tale of E3 & the Xbox One X.

Plenty of games and a lot of Xbox One X with 4k resolution. E3 has come and gone bringing with it a slue of hype all revolving around new games, car reveals (yip the new Porche 911 GT 2 was unveiled […]

The “Free to Play” release model.

“Free to Play” has seen a sudden rise in popularity and is becoming rather frequent in the gaming industry but to what avail? It has been a few years now that the free to play (F2P) model for video games […]

Nothing social about online games

Nothing social about online games. Now hear me out, this is not a rant, or sarcastic strike at online play. It’s not about blaming companies or communities. It’s just a sad, all too realistic image of what seems to be […]

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