The tale of E3 & the Xbox One X.

Plenty of games and a lot of Xbox One X with 4k resolution.

E3 has come and gone bringing with it a slue of hype all revolving around new games, car reveals (yip the new Porche 911 GT 2 was unveiled by Forza) and consoles. Overall, there’s a lot to look forward to, whether or not the hype will hold up is another question, to be on the safe side, I’m reserving my feelings for when the teased games are actually playable.



There was however one thing that grabbed my curiosity, despite being a pc gamer I was still really intrigued by it. The X-box One X…which from here on will be referred to as the OneX or 1X. It may seem simple, Microsoft has a new console that they want to push but somehow I doubt that’s it.

The big Questions are obviously is there any differences, is the performance any better from the X-box One?

Yes & Yes however, if you are a user of a 4K TV you will notice the change more prominently and at the moment there are few games that will be able to really test that change.

 So who is this console for?

It’s clearly for the hardcore Xbox one owner that already has an Xbox, they’ve got a 4K TV (Probably) and they want the best experience that Xbox can deliver. Third party games are the majority of what people are currently playing and that are out there. With these games will developers really put the time and effort in to take the advantage of the extra power the OneS has to offer? What we are seeing here is that the power difference between the OneS and the Xbox one is greater than the difference between the PS4 and the PS4 Pro.

So what does this mean?

Well we could see in the new future that certain games will be optimized for the Xbox one X and may not be playable on the One. Microsoft has said that everything will play on the Xbox One S however it will be better on the Xbox one X. The way I see it is the Xbox console if becoming more like a PC with the new architecture, so essentially everything will run but the hardware will just get better and better. What does mean for Xbox or consoles? Microsoft is adamant about getting rid of console “Generations”  and are aiming to be more PC like going forward and focus on simply improving power and performance.

Strange concept maybe, but we have seen how Microsoft now develops for PC and Xbox, windows 10 has allowed for that. Plenty of third party developers have also been developing for both or at least making the jump. Perhaps now there will be nothing separating the consoles and the PC fan-base. Good thing or not…one can only wait and see.

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