Our story

Believe it or not, the history of the scrubs only including 4 of the 20 or so (who even knows anymore) current people you may know. In-fact, white guy was not part of the original group. SO, obviously the big question is who? Who founded the scrubs, when did this epic tale of awesomeness begin, and more importantly, over what game was it?

You comfortable? Okay, make yourself comfortable I’ll wait…not really. So in the year 2008, something amazing happened, Meridian decided to become a productive member of society and began studying a course in software engineering, if only he knew what would become of him. Anyway, long story short one of his friends introduced him to the all popular game world of Warcraft, back when it was good, during Wrath of the Lich King everyone knows Wotlk was the best. Regardless, on one particular day, it was required that we would need some form of communication for a raid or something. That is what led to the discovery of TeamSpeak and perhaps the earliest member of the scrubs, Leven aka sham aka Subz3r0, R3mor3sl3ss, O_o Mah Oath, you get the idea. The first ever scrub, barring myself and Meridian because well we couldn’t be scrubs by ourselves.

Our marvellous beginnings are not done yet, The next batch of members arrived in the glorious rise of the Cancer, and by cancer I mean League of Legends. The point where Bagel aka Gully was probably the worst player to be inducted into the scrubs. Not really much to say here other than the fact that the MLG, no-scope, 420 blaze it, best CSGO EU Sagel, was so bad nobody wanted to play with him. Funny isn’t it. The days of school and playing to 3 am on the weekends.

Now, this is part where the scrubs were blessed by Odin, and received the The Ingram… which relates to WhiteGuy, and he was only founded by Mojo, who was founded by Sow, who was found by me Hamtaro. Interesting. But yes, Mojo introduced us to WhiteGuy who were friends from a young and tender age. I forgot what game we where playing but it really doesn’t matter. The TeamSpeak server we had gave the scrubs a common place to speak, organise tactics, tilt and just be together. We had a community that was open to everyone.

This sums up the quick origin story of the TS Scrubs, trying to list everyone would involve a piece worthy of 9001 words but I think…for now… this is a good beginning. The scrubs are here to stay, no matter what happens. Our origin story and prologue are done, now its movie time.

- Hamtaro.